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Our projects can be done in 3 simple stages:

Step 1

Decide your design type, whether it’s your own design, or choose from our available design collection, or mix and match.

  • If you decide to make your own designs, please provide us your design idea.
  • This can be clear sketches or even a photo reference.
  • The sketches or picture’s we need are: front picture, side picture and back picture.
  • If you like some designs from our available collection, please choose from our list.
  • Mix designs between your own ideas and choose some from ours.
Step 2

Start your sample, there are 2 types of samples: fitting samples or prototype samples: Prototypes are the first sample of your design. You can alter it max 3 times until you are satisfied with its fit & shape.

Step 3

Bulk production stage, our manufacturing process where your agreed fitted samples, are now produced into the finished and completed design

*for any further inquiries please send your questions to email: