“Attention to detail,
Finest quality,
Cutting edge of design”

My Bali Bikinis, your trustful swim line partner.

Are you thinking about starting your own brand and creating your own fashion line?

We are the ideal partner for design, pattern making, manufacture of your product and putting your ideas into reality.
Whether you’re a start up company or an established brand, we have the knowledge, ability and drive to deliver on your next

Choose us, choose: My BALIBikinis – it’s yours.

Our projects can be done in 3 simple stages:

Step 1

Decide your design type, whether it’s your own design, or choose from our available design collection, or mix and match.

  • If you decide to make your own designs, please provide us your design idea.
  • This can be clear sketches or even a photo reference.
  • The sketches or picture’s we need are: front picture, side picture and back picture.
  • If you like some designs from our available collection, please choose from our list.
  • Mix designs between your own ideas and choose some from ours.
Step 2

Start your sample, there are 2 types of samples: fitting samples or prototype samples: Prototypes are the first sample of your design. You can alter it max 3 times until you are satisfied with its fit & shape.

Step 3

Bulk production stage, our manufacturing process where your agreed fitted samples, are now produced into the finished and completed design

*for any further inquiries please send your questions to email: hello@mybalibikinis.com

Our Available Designs






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If you require any further details about what our company can offer, or would like to have a discussion regarding how we can best support you, please contact us by email. We will be happy to help you and your company on a totally confidential and professional basis.

We look forward to hearing your swim line ideas & projects.

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