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We are a sample and production company specializing in swimwear and beach clothing based in Bali, Indonesia.

Although established in February 2023, we have over 20 years’ experience in the fashion and garment industry, have a keen eye for detail and strive to achieve the highest quality product for our clients and partners

Our staff also have backgrounds in the garment and fashion industry, with knowledge and understanding of the quality and finish expectations of brand name labels, from patterns, samples and of course the completed article.

We work with, and have built up relationships with some of the highest quality swimwear and clothing tailors in Bali over a period of years now.

Organically this has led us and transformed us into our professional company, PT.Aura Bintang Amerta (My BALI Bikinis).

Communication is key between our company, the tailors in Bali, and most importantly, listening to our client’s needs.

From inception of a concept through to the creation of that vision.

We facilitate this by managing and supporting our customers’ needs from: pattern making, sourcing quality fabric, the initial sample process, production, quality control, packing and shipping.

Our Mission is:

  • Listen to your brand ideas.
  • Offer an entire service, from initial patterns and samples right through to the completed physical product.
  • Share our knowledge on design, patterns, fabrics and current fashion trends.
  • Supply a product, which is of the highest quality, to enhance and grow the name of your brand. 
  • Provide you a quality product at a competitive price.
  • Build strong working relationships with our clients and partners based on trust, respect and honesty.

My BALI Bikinis is a 100% locally owned and operated business with a strong passion for the fashion industry.

Our ethos is that of a dynamic, forward thinking company who are always constantly evolving to that of the current trends, innovative designs and the seasons in vogue colors’

We have vast experience with International worldwide garment brands and the textile industry.


In choosing us, we do believe you will have the correct partner in manufacturing your ideas.